Reasons A True Believer Will Never Lose His Salvation

Reasons why a true believer will never lose his salvation:

(1) The Bible promises us eternal life, not just a 43 percent chance at it (Jn 3.16; 6.37).
(2) Paul powerfully assures if it in Romans 8.38-39!
(3)  Jesus promised it in John 10.28.
(4)  Many New Testament salvation formula verses including Romans 10.9-10, 6.23; 10.13; Jn 1.12 do not make it conditional on merit or good works afterwards.
(5) King  David was an adulterer and murderer yet he is honored to be the last human being mentioned by Jesus in the Bible (Rev 22.16).
(6)   No one in the New Testament ever lost his salvation. Some sinned of course but we all do at times. Christians are not sinless but we should sin less.
(7) Good works AFTER one’s salvation day confirm that his decision was likely real (Eph 2.10).
(8)  When the Holy Spirit indwells, He REMAINS!– Eph 1.13-14; Rom 8.16; 1 Jn 5.11-13.

Has the Holy Spirit witnessed to your spirit that you are saved? IF NOT, invite Jesus to come in now. Get it settled once for all.  “Lord Jesus, right now I confess that I am a lost sinner. I give my life to You. Forgive my sin. I believe that You died to pay the penalty for all my sins. That alone is sufficient to save me.”

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