Wise Husbands Avoid the Five ‘D’s

The best present a man can give his wife and children is a godly, Christian hubby-Dad. I did not grow up in a Christian home. No one was saved there. There never was a day when Dad or Mom announced, “Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He’s going to be number One around here. We’ll be having family Bible reading and prayer time. I’ll personally be driving you to a good, Bible-teaching  church where you will hear the salvation gospel and find clean friends.” 

That never happened. They are gone now—too late for them. But if you have not already made this move with your family, hopefully it is not too late for you?

After getting saved, why can some husbands live clean and other don’t?cthe Christian life is won or lost in the battle of the basics.  A wise fellow will avoid the five Ds.

AVOID  DESTRUCTIVE FRIENDS: A Christian’s buddies should be godly men. Bluebirds don’t run with buzzards.  I love sinners but not their sins. God has not called me to be a beer bar, buzz head. Point sinners to holy ground. “You can’t get some one out of the ditch by getting down in the ditch with them.”  – L. Roloff.

AVOID DAMSELS-DELILAHS:  We know how innocently these liaisons can begin at work. –meeting legitimate needs or just being friendly. Be so careful. Let the wife meet one’s emotional needs. Good Rule: when in doubt, err on the side of being too cautious. Though commonplace to pair up men and women for work tasks it is not discrete. That male-female chemistry is always active! There is an endless number of people one can be attracted to. Ask God for a Plan B. Like Joseph, walk away.

AVOID DIRTY PICTURES/PORN: We know when and where the temptations usually come. Set a  SPECIFIC plan to totally avoid each one specifically! Sin is so mean, so sneaky. Be tough with it!! Don’t give it one inch. Pray DAILY about this temptation. Ask God for a prayer partner to meet with weekly to be accountable to if needed!!

AVOID DEBT:  debt can undermine a marriage in unexpected ways. . . .  stress . . . arguing . . .  mistrust . . .  lies . . . distance. . .  working too long hours . .  kids suffer. Trust God to provide.  Ask God to help you live within  your budget. Better to have older but the most dependable  cars (Toyota, Honda, etc) and cheaper housing. Quit trying to keep up with Jones; that’s pride.

AVOID DRUGS/DRUNKENNESS: Former alcoholic  Mel Trotter said, “The worst drink is the first drink.” The devil’s lie: one innocent drink is OK.   Ha, how many men stop after just ONE? Addiction first TEASES, then TUGS, finally TRAPS. Too often, today’s drinking sports fan is tomorrow’s drunkard. America has become one big happy hour. Who will be the role models to show us a better life? With stimulants it is one drink in and a life time to get out.  Do wise people learn everything the hard way?



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