Everyone has some basic moral values, atheists included


Creator God seems to present objective moral truth sequentially. (A)   a conscience  (B)   a cohesive world view   (C)  personal salvation.

First in life, God gives all of us a conscience. It includes basic values needed to get along with one’s fellow man.  Across the globe people accept that to torture babies is wrong. Cultures differ on whether one or several wives is permitted but all agree that one cannot take any woman he wants. I would roughly equate our conscience to having basic reading skill but far short or a high school degree. It is an appetizer not the full meal.

Secondly, God offers the Judeo-Christian world view. It is optional, not hard wired inside us.  Thirdly, the question of where one spends eternity, personal salvation is offered a person. It too is of course optional.

Thus even skeptics and atheists possess certain moral restraints. I credit God’s gift of conscience not Darwinian explanations. “No morals arise from mud. No logic arises from rocks.” – Frank Turek. But beyond these basics, we need the Bible to teach us about personal redemption through the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Directly or indirectly. we need Bible truth. It confirms that man is a sinner and Jesus paid for our sins on the cross. This singular, fixed redemption message is delivered via various methods: Bible reading, media, teaching orally or even in dreams to peoples in certain cultures and needy circumstances (Matt 1.21).

The Judeo-Christian world view  offers a congruent, second-to-none approach to some basic questions in life: How did I get here? Is there any meaning to my existence? Do good and evil really matter? What happens to me when I die?

We find this sequential imparting of objective moral truth explained in part in John 1.17 NAS:  “For the [Old Testament] Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”

-Ravi Zacharias @ RZIM.org contributed to this.


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