Did My Teachers Cheat Me?


The anti-God public schools and colleges are  churches for atheism. Here they recruit and propagandize captive students, filling their minds with anti-God theories. Then the students are sent forth to spread this stuff in society. Many teachers ignore the Scientific Method which calls for objectively examining all evidence. Theists are typically not given equal opportunity to present their views in class. It’s a rigged system. Were the Christians given equal class opportunities? Were teachers objectively presenting different sides of issues or forcing their personal biases on students?

(1) Ask skeptics what books they have read from a solid theist view? (Josh McDowell, William Lane Craig, Norman Geisler, Ravi Zacharias, Frank Turek, Ken Ham, Institute for Creation Research  icr.org , answersingenesus.org)

(2)  Have they had a real Christian sit down with them over an open Bible and discuss their questions?

(3) Ever read the Bible or gospel of John, asking God to reveal Himself through it . . . . . IF he is real?

(4) Got the tolerant, diversity mindset to check out  a Bible teaching church or friend’s home Bible study?


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