1. Every religion has some unanswered questions, not just the Judeo-Christian world view. And leaving the Judeo-Christian framework, the questions multiply. Other world views bring  more not less questions.
  2. Creator God is seeking those with faith so He is not going to answer every single question any one has. That would remove the element of faith. The Creator God gives us a mix of faith and certain science insights. Faith and science are friends not competitors. The Creator created both.
  3. All religions have exclusive beliefs, not just the Christian faith. For example, all branches of Hinduism hold to karma and reincarnation. Islam holds firm views regarding  not examining the Koran. Translating the Koran from Arabic into other languages is forbidden. This prevents the Koran from being examined as the Bible is.
  4. The New Testament is the most well attested document of the ancient world. – Evidence Demands a Verdict, Josh McDowell.
  5. I have never studied chemistry, agriculture or been to Brazil. It would be prideful and foolish for me to speak as if I was knowledgeable in these areas. I have not read about them, studied them. I am an outsider. Pride pontificates. Humility listens, learns.
  6. Good university teachers do not go around claiming they are going to rise from the dead.  Such comments relegate them to an extreme category. Likewise with Jesus Christ who predicted his death and resurrection. He must be considered a liar, lunatic or Lord. Did He resurrect or not? He can not be a good teacher if He did not make good on His prediction.  Above all, Christianity is a faith of the Resurrection. This is why many churches worship on Sunday. Jesus arose on the first day of the week. Whether He arose or not, is the primary question. If He did not, the rest of the Bible is irrelevant. Rehashing hash on secondary questions is not for the astute.
  7. There is strong evidence to show that creation involved intelligent design, thus a designer. I posit  a Designer-Creator. Obviously many after-market religions, man made gods came along later. (John 1.1-3; Gen 1-1-2; Isaiah 41 & 44; Job chpt 38-41; Col 1.16-17). As children and adults worldwide want answers to questions like: How did I get here on earth? So even false religions concoct some explanation of origin (and afterlife).
  8.  I wonder if not a few atheists deep down are blaming God for some hurtful disappointment or tragedy of the past? Perhaps they lost a child or some Christian betrayed them. Some seem very bitter. God loves these folks! Some can so low and despondent that they will not listen to advice or those who reach out to them. (Exod 6.9).
  9. Some atheists have been turned off by dry or dead religion. I was. I was raised in a non-salvation preaching church. It took me 31 years to realize the eternal difference between being a lost church goer and inviting Jesus to supernaturally give me a new heart. (Ezek 36.26; Rev 3.20). I swapped dead religion for a live, living relationship. Salvation is a Person, Jesus Christ!
  10.  Why can’t you and I predict the future? we lack (A) the knowledge of the future , and (B) power to MAKE it happen. I know of only one book that has predictions of future events regarding the Savior of the world. Even the town of Jesus’ birth is specifically named some 700 years before Jesus is born in Bethehem. (Micah 5.2) (Isaiah 7.14; 9.6-7; 53.1-11). False religions cannot do this!  Dozens of other prophecies are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Man made religions lack the supernatural power to pull this off. THIS IS BIG!
  11.  “The moment you make a truth claim you are rising above determinism [evolutionary, random, accidental movement of molecules] ” – Ravi Zacharias
  12. I repeatedly have atheists ask for more evidence about God. The deeper issue is suppression of evidence. The Bible says, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood by what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” (Roman 1.20 NAS). – a message  by Ravi Zacharias contributed to this.

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