Why Water Baptism cannot save me?

(1) God’s Spirit baptizes, indwells, saves us. This brings powerful, supernatural change! (1 Cor 12.13; Tit 3.5; Eph 4.5; 1 Cor 3.16)

(2) Most salvation verses do not mention ‘water’ or ‘water baptism.’ (Jn 3.16;1.12; 3.36; Act 2.21; Rom 5.6-9; 10.13 Eph 1.7).

(3) Christ brought salvation without baptizing people (Jn 4.2).

(4) Paul did not baptize many (1 Cor 1.17; 2.2).

(5) Old Testament believers were redeemed without water baptism–Noah ‘found grace” Genesis 6.8. Abraham “believed God” -Gen 15.6.

(6) Salvation is a finished work on the cross. Jesus said, “It is finished.” (Jn 19.30; Heb 1.3).

(7) Baptism is only a symbol of inner washing as 1 Peter 3.20-21 makes clear though it can be misinterpreted.

(8) Man’s works do not save. If so, Jesus’ painful death was in vein (Gal 2.21; Rom 4.l4-5; Eph 2.8-9).

(9) Christ is not truly mediator between God and man if I am forced into XYZ church’s baptismal pool before I can be saved. No church is co-redeemer with Jesus Christ! This is serious false teaching.

(10) Baptismal regeneration (salvation by water) denies salvation by grace through faith alone! One is saved by blood not water.

(11) Water baptism is properly an ordinance of the church AFTER salvation just as is: tithing, prayer, communion, witnessing and serving Jesus.

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