Here are some points/questions for Bible skeptics.

(1)  The Bible indeed agrees  that skeptics will not appreciate and understand its truths. (1 Cor 2.14; 1.18). Outsiders are not privy to its message.

(2) Science may answer how questions but not the deeper why questions. Can science provide ethical values? Are scientists suggesting that morality is not needed? Where does ,morality come from? Nature has no morality. Darwinism is admittedly amoral. Do moral values arise from mud or rocks? Does a sense of justice arise from dinosaur bones?

(3) Scientists exercise faith daily. No one is able to empirically back check/verify each important decision. In lab tests, the  findings are assumed by faith to be reported ethically by the lab worker. Chemists take by faith that their instruments have been accurately calibrated by the manufacturer. By faith we trust our auto mechanic to repair our car and bill us ethically. Each time a biologist flies, he bets his life on the airline providing qualified, sober pilots and planes in good repair. That’s faith.

(4)   For centuries Judeo-Christian values and practice has impacted  the Western world. This extends to art, music, science, U.S. Constitution, laws, jurisprudence system, national holidays, customs and literature. It has become so common it is often taken for granted. To dismiss this with a wave of the hand suggests prejudice and intolerance.

(5)  The Scientific Method calls for various options to be examined. Yet it is common knowledge that in countless grade schools and universities, theists are not given equal time and are even discriminated against. Is the integrity of education in doubt? Has  objectivity and respect for diversity been lost?

(6) Those who would like to become doctors are still outsiders to medical know how, skills and training. Bystander comments are not expertise. Unschooled outsiders are not insiders. Voicing opinions  does not make them a knowledgeable insider.

(7) Ask skeptics if they just expressing bias? What scholarly theistic books have they read?


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