Questions for Skeptics, Atheists

  1. Are your views grounded more on intellectual facts or moral/immoral desires that you cling to?
  2. The Darwinist is bound in the cage of time, space and matter. As matter cannot create itself, the naturalist has nothing to use for origin. Ex: a Toyota cannot create itself. A manufacturer is required. Darwinists have no matter, no material   to use for origin. Science has no answer. He must believe by faith that something may  explain it in the future. “Out of nothing comes everything and everybody” is a belief based on faith on the future. This is contrary to repeatable science principles.
  3. Explain how order arises from chaos . . . including the long, orderly DNA chain?
  4. How does morality arise  from materials? How does mind arise from mud? Physics equations from unthinking nature? How consciousness arises from dirt?  -after Stealing From God

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