Got a family member you cannot really talk to?: Building conversation bridges

It was lonely growing up. I was  a quiet, little kid. As a youth my Dad was into his business and drank at night. He did not devote much time to we three children or mother. She paid a heavy price– emotionally and  conversationally deserted, so alone.  An  interactive relationship with my Dad was missing. He was open but just not focused on meeting our social needs. Love was AWOL.

Now looking back through a believer’s eyes, I think I could have developed a richer relationship with Dad. Occasionally he would share some pearl of  wisdom or other insight. Those he did share I have  treasured and try to employ. His gems included:  ‘beware of any business deal where they won’t give you time to think it over’ . . . . ‘don’t loan money to friends’ . . . . ‘build you house on high ground.’

Now I wish I had encouraged him to share more and more and more. He loved it and I did too. Even though we were not his uppermost interests I could have built more of a relationship. I could have focused on what he liked to talk about naturally—business stuff! I could have zeroed in on that one area he enjoyed! I wish I had used it with my Mom and uncle BB as well.  But they are all gone now. Opportunities missed, gone forever.

Obviously this principle is well traveled but I did not apply it to my situation.  It can be utilized to build relationships with whoever. Take an interest in others’ interests. We need not remain caged in silence.  Opportunities await! Who has a loved one out on the lonely fringe? Got a friend struggling to enter relationship land?

” . . . but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man to his own things, but every man also on the things of others” (Phil 2.3-4)”

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