How important is supremacy of the Bible’s authority?


Once rejecting the authority of the Bible, genuine Christianity dies. Without this stable, fixed anchor, objectivity is lost. A Pandora’s Box is opened. Without its singular compass, salvation doctrines drown in the sea of subjectivity. Redemption is just added to the parade of false gospel, false salvation recipes—”the latest becomes the greatest.” Salvation recedes into the morass of added pet dogmas, traditions, cultural mores, contemporary fads, isms, syncretism plus the never ending concoctions of man’s minds. “The mind is an idol factory” -old Christian. author. No wonder Paul devoted the first three chapters of Galatians warning not to add man’s works, OT Law nor anything to salvation by grace through faith alone. (Rom chpt 1-5) Many Bible believers will readily understand that i refer here to the essential doctrines of salvation. “In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty. In all things charity.” -attributed to St. Augustine. Christians have never agreed on non-essential issues including church polity, politics, social issues, dress, music, spiritual gifts and eschatology. “Authority is a dirty word today” -John R. W. Stott, Anglican author, teacher.

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