Which world view deals best with the problem of evil?

Hinduism (all branches) can explain evil as karma. If evil happens the person deserved it. Atheism claims we are all accidents of chance, just molecules bouncing around a meaningless, amoral universe. No evil or good exists. Islam says that Allah wills whatever happens. Only the Judeo-Christian world view can address evil and suffering more deeply.  (1) Creator God in His wisdom has not chosen to explain the reasons behind evil and suffering completely. We have some answers but not all. We must  trust God for the rest. (Rom 8.32).    (2)  Though not answering all possible questions the Bible does offer around ten causes/reasons for trials, suffering and evil. These await the diligent inquirer;  (3) The Bible has very  limited objective—to get the lost soul saved and guide him in the Christian walk.  The Bible is adequate but not exhaustive. If it answered every possible question asked, it would be have to be a giant, unwieldy ‘encyclopedia’ as large as a house. That was not God’s intention. He is looking for faith. The fallen angels in heaven had proof of God’s existence and much information. They still sinned. God wants some faithful beings to live with Him for all eternity. Praise your name Father God!  (4)  A finite man perhaps knows less than one percent of all available facts about this earth. And if there is a realm beyond this physical planet,  he knows even less about it. Our life spans are so short.  A three year old child does not understand why his parents want him to eat veggies instead of candy for supper. It is obvious to him that the candy is better—superior. Yet he is wise to obey his parents— by faith. Wise Christians have a ‘faith drawer’ to put unanswered questions in. When we get to heaven we can ask Jesus. This can teach self control and patience; -after Ravi Zacharias

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