All atheists are not angry scoffers and God-mockers

I appreciate the gentle, thoughtful comments of doubters, skeptics and atheists. I want to interact. But can you too sense a different spirit from the God-mocker and scoffer that seems to be venting  strong emotion,  condescending, attacking personally, unreasoning? They predictably come across to me as having a critical attitude, negative, offer no joy, no  hope, no encouragement, no gracious words, no answer for sin and guilt, no peace, no changed life, no better hope for the after life. It is just  sad. Do some atheists seem angry with the one they insist does not exist? If God did not exist there would be no reason to be an atheist.

Rule #1: Don’t get Bible truth from outsiders, strange teachers. This was Eve’s mistake.  She listened to the serpent (Satan) rather than her ‘pastor,’ God. I don’t eat food off the sidewalk or accept the teachings of passers-by. There is a reason outsiders are outsiders. I have never owned a horse or been to Brazil. One would not be wise to assume I had inside knowledge of  those areas.

I care about atheists.  Some likely are hurting, bruised, bleeding, struggling. I really do care, but it’s like drilling through concrete. “Jesus, give wisdom, soften hearts.  Give me  gracious, thoughtful words.”

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