Was Jesus a pacifist? For eliminating Second Amendment?

I suspect that  much of today’s  gun control (and pacifism) rationale stems from  a dubious view of man’s nature. The Bible endlessly portrays man as evil (Jer 17.9). Yet some  reject this. They view man as basically good. And if man is good then he should be trusted.  Therefore it would follow that guns are not needed in such a safe, peaceful environment. But if true, gun control advocates should be consistent and not lock their doors or use computer passwords.  Social humanism should have made good on its claims centuries ago! Escapists see earth as a  utopian paradise, Walter Mitty land, Camelot. But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Reality can be so inconvenient.

As Jesus is departing He tells His disciples to buy and carry a sword (Luke 22.36). Jesus was not naïve. Self defense  is needed in a sinful world. Very evil men would later be allowed to kill Him. Earth is not heaven.  “let the one who is filthy, still be filthy” (Rev 22.11 NAS). In the  end days, battle of Armageddon,  the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ, returns to defeat the very real enemies of goodness, waging war “in righteousness.” (Rev.19.11-21). Jesus was not a pacifist nor opposed to self defense weapons. I’m thankful for the Second Amendment, protecting us since  December 15, 1791.


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