Reflecting on Hallmark movies

Taste in movies varies widely, even among Christians. As a repeat viewer of many Hallmark films I offer my evaluation of them  as a whole. Exceptions exist! Generally what do I see as their pluses and minuses?


  • little titillation
  • no cursing, violence or nudity
  • upbeat, feel good mood
  • happy endings


  • missing opportunities to impart  timeless, healthy, moral values like: honesty and purity,
  • cohabiting, fornication is treated as normal, healthy, with no moral or spiritual consequences
  • lacks balanced perspective where pros and cons of immoral behavior are both discussed
  • excessive alcohol use
  • lying and deceiving by adults and children is viewed as normal
  • religious trappings usually Catholic, discriminates against some (not all) conservative family perspectives
  • story lines usually evolve around liberal, social agenda: animal shelters not baby-saving, crisis pregnancy centers . . . concerts, school plays not church bus ministry to trailer park kids . . . . marriage decisions based  on feelings-‘love’ not factoring in other vital factors like compatible core values . . . .
  • missed opportunities to weave in solid successful dating and marriage principles
  • repetitious, predictable story  lines
  • Christmas  films: lots of Santa, little of Jesus Christ . .  and it is HIS birthday


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