Why I Don’t Pray Through The Virgin Mary


  1. Many Bible commands to praise and glorify the Lord. None to praise or glorify Mary. The early Church in Acts or other NT churches did not worship Mary.
  2. Mary did not die for my sins, Jesus Christ deserves ALL the honor, glory and thanks for doing this for me!
  3. Many OT predictions about Jesus the Christ Coming.  Only one OT prophecy to my knowledge refers to Mary. The “virgin,” is prophesied  in Isaiah 7.14, but Immanuel is  the primary focus in my view.
  4. NT books endlessly focus on Jesus, the Son of God. Mary is not mentioned over 1-2 times after Jesus’ resurrection event. She just “disappears” after her wonderful mother task has been completed.
  5. Nowhere in the Bible is she referred to as the “mother of God’ or “Queen of heaven.”
  6. Mary desired a Savior. She evidently saw herself as a sinner as I am. From the Magnificat:  ” and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior” (Luke 1.47).
  7. Mary magnified the Lord. (Luke 1.46). No one in the Bible  prays through or worships  Mary.
  8. Nowhere in the Bible is Mary referred to God, member of the God head, Co-creator as Jesus is, co-redeemer, deity, eternal, avenue of prayer, means of grace or connected to salvation.
  9. Mary is not God or deity. To worship human beings is idolatry.
  10. Mary was just one of many virgins in her day. That’s wonderful but not cause to worship her or any other human being.
  11. Holy Scripture nowhere commands readers to pray through or to, Mary. Nowhere is there a biblical example of this.
  12. Any man made traditions  or opinions which undermine the centrality of Jesus Christ’s Person and work are not biblical doctrine.
  13. Mary was a godly girl who was greatly favored by God–used to bear the incarnate Son of God—a unique, incredible honor in a likely tough, stressful situation as not all understood how she got pregnant.

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