Does atheistic evolution work in the real world? Reason #1: Big Bang Theory

This Big Bang theory of creation as reported on a TV science program goes like this. In this theorized ‘beginning’ all matter was compressed into a tiny cube perhaps an inch square. Under tremendous pressure this matter exploded and filled the universe. Bang.

Problem #1: This theory begins with matter already in existence.  Where did this matter come from? Nothing is created by this Big Bang theory. It just shifts matter from one location to another. Something or some one had to exist before matter in order to create it. Matter cannot be both cause and effect, both Chevy and GM. Chevys do not create themselves. Nor can matter create itself from nothing.

Problem #2: By limiting the universe to time, space and matter, atheistic evolution admittedly,  has no viable way to explain creation. Atheists have expressed hope (faith?) that an explanation will be found at some time in the future.

  (Romans 1.18-20)

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