Private Colleges are struggling—merging, cutting programs, selling assets. Class dismissed. Little Wheelock College with about 1000 students put its president’s home and a residence hall up for sale in June. -from Wall Street. Jrl. Know your school’s financial strength?

“More than one-third of colleges with full-time enrollments below 3000 students had operating deficits in fiscal 2016,” – Moody reported.

Incoming freshmen enrollments have been slumping for public and private colleges for several years. Factors may  involve: the many post college grads under-employed or unemployed, cheaper workers abroad, student debt risks, growing popularity of online schooling and demographics.

“Our second Fall Current Term Enrollment Estimates report, and third report overall, shows a continuing downward trend in enrollments,” stated Dr. Doug Shapiro, Executive Research Director of the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. “As the number of high school graduates declines and adults enter the workforce, we could see this trend continue, despite efforts to increase college access and attainment. These new data will help education practitioners to understand the effects that shifting demographics and a changing economy have on students and institutions.”

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