Tips For Healthy Marriages

  1. “Happiness is the byproduct of serving others”  – Elisabeth Elliot
  2. Be a quick forgiver.  For a long marriage, have a short memory.
  3. You married a sinner. So did your spouse. Be patient with each other.
  4. When your spouse does something you really like, tell them. Maybe they will continue to do it. No one is a mind reader.
  5. If God created the marriage He knows how to keep it running at its best. Read the Mfgr’s Maint. Manual, the Bible. Return often to Ephesians, James and John.
  6. As Tony told our men’s Bible study, whoever gets home from work first and sees something needing attention, do it—dirty dishes for example. Don’t wait for the spouse to do it. Your spouse was not created to be your servant, to wait on you hand and foot. A spiritual leader is a servant.
  7. Be  honest and open not manipulative.
  8. Be appreciative.
  9. Ask, how would Jesus handle that situation?

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