Movie Recommendation: Joseph

I am excited about this Christian-produced movie I just viewed. JOSEPH is TV-G rated. Martin Landeau played Jacob.  (1) The spiritual truths the film emphasized to me were Joseph’s steadfast commitment to God in various  situations. That’s strong. For example when serving Potiphar and later before Pharoah.  (2) The lowly existence of slaves comes through.   (3)  The evil deeds of his rascal brothers and other people did not prevent God’s purposes from being carried out through Joseph, preserving his family.  (4) God works even when He is silent.

I found no scenes that made me uncomfortable doctrinally. None that perverted Bible facts though obviously much fictional dialogue is employed to bring the story to ‘life.’  I hear no foul language, no immodesty, no real violence or unbiblical subplots, IMO.. Titillation level: low to none. This is a TBN-produced  feature I can  recommend. I give it an   A rating.



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