Exposing Intolerance Posing As Tolerance: Fake Tolerance

When you hear statements like, “You have to let people believe what they want. Be tolerant.”¬† What does this person mean by, “You must be open to every thing”?

What it almost always means is: “You must be open to everything I am open to and disagree with anything I disagree with.”

Apply the tolerance test. See if the talker who sounds tolerant will leave you free to believe as you wish? Usually not. That’s intolerance—and the worst kind of intolerance, because it is intolerance that doesn’t admit it is being biased, intolerant. Ask: “Am I free to believe as I wish or just you?” – revised from Ravi Zacharias, Kevin Johnson, Jesus Among Other Gods, p.9.

Remember that most all religions have very exclusive beliefs! That is what sets them apart from others. This fact is usually ignored.

Truth is not characterized  by elbow room. Absolute, eternal truth stands firm, unchanging. Thus it is solid, trustworthy, dependable.

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