Why does the Bible devote so much space to the same basic issues including: Person/Work of Christ, sin, redemption, godly living?

Blades get dull over time. Likewise the Church can lose its edge, it vision, over time. Every twenty years the next generation needs to be sharpened, retooled. “The Puritans talked of revival, visitation, awakening. . . .Founder George Mason talked about a frequent return to basic first principles. Each new generation would have to buy  into it all over again. . . .The Church always need to remember that it goes forward best when it goes back first . . . The Reformation,  Great Awakening and revivals went back to basics.” –after Os Guinness, Christian philosopher.

The Christian life is won or lost in the battle of the basics. We win or lose  in the trenches of the fundamentals. We leap forward on the horse called ‘basics.’

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