Am I a wise person or not?

The book of Proverbs chapters 1-7 devotes many verses to the high value of acquiring wisdom.  But another issue  rivals wisdom for Solomon’s attention! This vital topic occupies some 80 of these 186 verses. This is about  43 percent of chapters 1-7, approaching half, with more verses added later in Proverbs.

Solomon plainly links wisdom with this companion issue. Can you actually see wisdom? How can I tell if I am wise or not? Solomon answers the question in Proverbs 13.20: “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools [those who misuse true wisdom] will suffer harm.”

Chapters 1-7 give several types of people the wise person will avoid. Who are they?  Meet a man’s friends and you can  tell what he loves? His values? Where he is headed in life? A believer’s closest buddies should be high minded, godly Christians. Invite sinners to join you on holy ground—God’s Word and wholesome activities.

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