Darwinists And Atheists Deny That Any Moral Law Giver Exists So No Moral Laws Can Exist Either. Thus They Lack A Yardstick To Determine Good And Evil. So Are They Confused And Violating Their Own Beliefs By Pointing Out Real Or Imagined Sins Of Our National Leaders?

Our national leaders are endlessly being criticized for assorted sins, real or imagined. These include unkindness, lying, broken promises, unethical behavior, immorality and more. I do not excuse any sin but am making a different point today—who really qualifies to address ethical issues and sins of other people?

For the Darwinian evolutionist, the atheist, there can be no evil deeds by politicians. Why? Because according to the one who denies the supernatural, including Creator God, the law giver there is no yardstick to measure good and evil with.

“For evil to exist, good must also exist. For good to exist there must be a moral law. And a moral law requires a  moral law giver.” – after Ravi Zacharias. So the atheist can not have it both ways. He cannot criticize sin when his whole anti-God,  anti-moral atheism denies any moral law.

Denying the supernatural eliminates Darwinians from the conversation. Atheist Richard Dawkins claims all is amoral. He writes: “DNA neither cares or knows. DNA just is. And  we dance to its music.” In other words, for the anti-supernatural, earth-bound atheist, we are just clumps of molecules aimlessly bumping into other molecules. We swirl around  without any  rhyme or reason. There is no good, evil, justice or  punishment for sin. We are leaves in the wind, helplessly wandering accidents of time, space and matter. We have no reason for being or future. Darwinists have no more basis to declare what is good or evil than a rock or croaking bullfrog.

Without any moral being, they have no way to ever see evil punished or injustice made just.

Yet as we are all created in the image of a holy God, that inner conscience we all have, cries out against perceived injustices, despite the philosophical lies  our deluded intellects may or may not, have succumbed to. Despite evolutionary leanings, the atheist cannot live that way. We all make moral judgments daily. He is inconsistent at best and self-deceived at worst. Is a purposeless life philosophy going to bring much peace and joy?

“the joy of the Lord is our strength”  -Neh 8.10 (Isaiah 40)

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