Atheist Richard Dawkins Defeats His Own Position

Evolutionary atheist Richard Dawkins exposes his own position.  “Most recently, he was outraged at an English cricket player “cheating” in a cricket match against Australia. He castigated the player, calling him a cheat, and hoped England would lose the series because of that dishonesty. Well, needless to say, the opinion box was full, ranging from a reminder to Dawkins to chill out—it was only a game—to those reprimanding him that cheating is not really evil as one merely dances to his DNA. (That last phrase was Dawkins’ own term elsewhere, on our morally determined software.) [If we are nothing but molecules bouncing off one another by chance, then there is no good and evil, only happenstance.] ” –Stealing From God, p. viii.

Even the leading atheists cannot do daily living without a moral framework. “Apart from Dawkins defeating his own point, he needs to ponder his own system of thought.” Ibid.

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