All Religions Are Just Different Paths Up The Mountain To God.

Reply: Really? This sounds like  an absolute statement being used to justify relative truth. It is self-defeating on its face. Contradictory. One cannot have it both ways. There can be no absolute truth without an absolute Lawgiver.

If there is no speed limit law no driver can be charged with speeding. If God does not exist neither does evil. Evil requires a yardstick of good to be measured by. Without an absolute standard of good, every one can call his evil deeds ‘good.’ Every one is entitled to his own opinion but not his own truth. Men can claim their opinions are their religion—thus anything goes. Religion is degraded to meaningless personal opinions—whatever. Hitler’s evils were just expressing his opinion but not wrong?  -after Ravi Zacharias.

“Th0u shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20.3,  Second Commandment). Some want a Bible heaven without the Bible Savior, Jesus Christ (John 3.16).

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