6 Lies Underpinning Much Political And Religious Liberalism?

1.There is no absolute truth.  Answer: “Are you absolutely sure that there is no absolute truth? That statement sounds absolute itself.” This commonplace lie denies God’s authority and power to run His universe. Landlords make the rules. Rebellion comes in many colors.

2. All wars are evil–pacifism.   Answer: This demeans God’s authority and justice. God wars against evil as He sees fit.  (2 Chrn 20. Rev 19.11).

3. Man is basically good not evil. Answer: This lie calls God’s Word untrue.  (Jer 17.9; Matt 7.13-14; Rom 3.10,23)

4.We can create heaven here on earth. Answer:   In the last days things will get worse not better, according to the Bible. Why would Jesus lie to us about this? Ask a few people if things are getting better or worse now. (Matt 24.8-14; Rev 9.20-21)

5. As man is good, sin is no big deal. Man is not lost therefore does not need Jesus Christ to set him free and forgive his sins.  Answer: This lie attacks and steals man’s Savior, forgiveness, peace now, joy and trip to heaven, salvation! (1 Tim 1.15; Jn 3.16, 18)

6.  Eternal judgment and hell are not real. Answer:  Jesus said that hell was real in Matthew. I will not call the sinless Son of God a liar. Wow (Matt 13.30;  25.41,46; 2 Thes 1.9).

Beware false teaching. Know the Word.

False theological teaching predictably denies one of more of the following Bible truths: (1) Jesus Christ is the sinless Son of God, fully God and fully man;( steals one’s Savior and eternal life)  (2)  Bible is not trustworthy (denies God’s ability to adequately communicate with us);  (3) denies necessity of Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross to pay the penalty for our sin; (steals salvation); (4) denies eternal judgement of unsaved (denies God justice and promise to punish sin); (5) deny salvation by grace through faith alone, often substituting a false grace-plus-works salvation  OR that all will be saved

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