The Book, “The Wisdom Of Frugality: Why Less Is More – More Is Less” Stirs Questions.

Does frugality bring more wisdom, virtue, happiness? Is consumerism driving economic growth a form of patriotism? Jesus’ lifestyle was simple. Yet many affluent Christians live little different from our extravagant, over-spent  culture. Can simple living reduce temptations, worry, while enhancing peace, self-sufficiency,  closeness to nature and God? Is cheap more moral? Can frugality increase charitable giving potential?

Is one inner directed or peer pressure driven? Is a pattern of  extravagance or chasing high fashion labels wasteful? What of humility? Can one be frugal towards his own needs yet open-handed, generous towards God, a good steward?

Author  Emrys Westacott  teaches in an American college. He prefers a Denmark-style,  socialist society. He sees it as holding more tranquility and relaxed quality of life. I heard most of his  January, 2017 C-Span interview. Being consistent, Westacott should  challenge deficit-draining governments also to be frugal and watch their spending—Detroit, Illinois, Greece, Italy and many other struggling, spendthrift governments. I appreciate certain issues he raised more than his checkered world view.

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