Why Doesn’t God Give Us The Reasons Behind Our Trials, Tragedies and Sufferings?

Why doesn’t God tell us the reasons behind our trials, illnesses, tragedies and sufferings? Is He being insensitive, unloving? Joni Erikinson-Tada believes that it is because mere answers do not increase faith!  Reading God’s Word does strengthen faith(Rom 10.17; Psa 119.9,11). And faith is God’s goal for us. The whole Bible is about faith. Jesus tested His disciples’ faith (Mark 4.35ff).

She believes that receiving answers to our trials would not satisfy if we got them! Is not what we really want is removal of the tragedy and pain? If answers alone will suffice there are  at least 10-12 causes or reasons in the Bible for  testings, trials, suffering and evil.

Remember that the angels in heaven had more knowledge of God and His workings than we have down here. The disobedient angels still rebelled against God—right up in heaven! Is God looking for obedience to Him, trust in Him, faith in Him?

A wise Christian has a faith closet where he or she puts unanswered questions. Once reaching heaven we can ask Jesus for the answer!

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