King David And Solomon Failed In Family Discipline: Why Doesn’t Marrying Non-believers Please God?

Two great Bible heroes failed in key, family discipline matters. King David failed to discipline his sons when they committed major sins. And his son, King Solomon failed on two accounts. He disobeyed God’s law by marrying heathen, idol worshipers (Ezra chpt 9,10).  In other nations it was customary  to marry foreign wives to form political alliances. Solomon disobeyed God’s law (Exod 20.3). He followed worldly wisdom   (peer pressure?)  (1 Cor 1.18-28). Solomon began well but his foreign wives ultimately  led him to disobey his God (1 King 11.1-8).

At the very least Solomon should have told his foreign wives—“we worship Jehovah God alone in this family, in the country! This is an essential way you wives must show your respect and loyalty to your husband, your king and this nation. I need you to be role models for the citizens.” Solomon’s wisdom apparently was lacking. Did the idol worshipers wear him down over the years? Did he need to use tough love with them?

We are all tempted to follow Solomon and play the IKBTYG game–I Know Better Than You God. Does God ‘say,’  “OK, learn the hard way.”

  • “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20.3)
  • Apparently the wives were more committed to their idols than Solomon was to Jehovah.
  • Many of our trials and heartaches are self-inflicted.

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