Can God Use The Santa Claus Emphasis?

At the risk of sounding like a compromising syncretist may I offer possible advantages of having Santa?

I hear that around sixty percent of annual retail sales are realized during the Christmas season. I echo the view that getting the business community so involved hopefully makes it more difficult for others to stamp out the emphasis on Jesus.

Is it preferable for those not interested in the Christ Child any way to have a totally different focus? Maybe Santa is preferable to being wrapped up the some occult practice or drugs over  the holidays?

I want to believe that Santa does more good than harm. Few people worshiped Jesus when He was born. Only a minority do today.

In my defense I will add that I recently told a group I was teaching to the effect that my church did not honor a jolly man in a red suit. We do love the color red though. Jesus’ shed blood was red.

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