Christians Date Non-Christians?: Saving Oneself For Marriage

I wish more social media, Christian friends addressed tough, sticky issues like this—so I could refrain from occasionally feeling the need to do so. My role model is wise King Solomon. He efficaciously devoted most of Proverbs 7 to a one night stand. Did he learn from his father’s bad example? David was a failure in confronting and disciplining his children. Solomon counseled his son in Proverbs 7 and elsewhere.

Just suppose that Houston got saved last year. With growth and God’s grace, the old lifestyle did a 180. Now there is a desire to be a real witness for Jesus—be proactive—-put sin on the defense for a change—play offense—take control—not allow peer pressure to dictate  morals.

Houston has been approached by a new acquaintance at work. An invitation to go out is offered. It’s crunch time—core values face-off. If you can’t accept one’s core values you can’t accept them.  “Kendrick, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ last year. Now He is my BFF, my Savior and Lord.  I’m saving myself  for marriage.  I really want marriage to be special. I hang with my Christian friends. I love my group Bible studies and praising God. I avoid casual dating, clubs, the beer buzz and lust monkeys. I’ve asked God to give me a committed, sold-out, born again Christian spouse. Yeah,  put me in the weird category. I know it and am  proud of it. I would not want to believe something that I could not get excited about! Jesus changed my life–supernaturally! How could I not give Him all the glory?”

(Kendrick replies)  Houston continues the shock and awe. “Kendrick, may I ask you something? Are you interested in spiritual things? . . .  Do you know for certain which way you would go if you died tonight?” (Kendrick does not. He is open to hearing  more from this weirdo, this alien from another planet). Houston gives a salvation testimony . . . (Kendrick asks questions). Houston knows that it is best for men to witness to men and girls to girls. So Kendrick, now curious, is put in touch with Reese. . . . . (Next?)

“Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how yet ought to answer every man.” (Colossians 4.5-6)


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