Are Liberal Theologies Typically Stable Or Transient?

Liberal theologies often seem short-lived, faddish. Are they  grounded in God’s Word or man’s endless opinions?   Here is one list of many of them. Since around 1900 non-orthodox theories and gospel alterations  include: “[Social Gospel], Neo-orthodoxy, Demythologization . . . Theology of Secularization, Situation Ethics, Theology of Hope, Theology of History, Process Theology, Theology of Being, Mysticism . . . [Liberation Theology, Black Theology, Theology of Feminism, Environmentalism, Postmodernism, Eastern thought-New Age, Globalism,  Positive (no sin or judgment teaching) Gospel, Get-Rich Teaching and the Emergent Church].” –Contemporary World Theology: A Layman’s Guidebook, Harvie M. Conn, Presbyterian and Reformed Pub.

“Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” (Psalm 119.89).

1. Liberal theologies  are like city buses, one comes by every few minutes, headed in a different direction. All cannot be truth.  Which ones are  false teaching? If valid and satisfying, why the  churning,  unsettled pattern?  Outside the truth is a man’s soul restless for what he is running from?

2. False teaching including the cults  typically deny the deity of Christ and His full payment for the penalty of our sin. The devil’s goal is to steal one’s salvation. Beware of any teaching that detracts from the person and work, the centrality of Christ. Watch out for the attitude–“I know more than Almighty God. I can  out think and outsmart the eternal wisdom in the Bible and Judgement Day.” If one rejects the Creator God’s absolute truth, he unlocks the slimy snake in the bottom of the heart. Anything goes. Blasphemies crawl out.

3.   Theology is above all, the study of God. Good theology focuses on the nature, character and glory of Almighty God and what He has created, His deeds, His works. Biblical theology is not necessarily in line with the latest  social or political agenda.

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