Questions For Atheists

Frank Turek’s book, STEALING FROM GOD, is second to none in practical tips. For example, he says: “atheists and relativists repeatedly err by exempting themselves from their own theories and assertions.” Avoid these “self-defeating cul-de-sacs . . .” Simply apply each claim [they are making] to itself. That is, we’ll see if the [their] statement meets its own standard.”

“You [readers] already know that it is self-defeating to deny objective truth.  When some one says, “There is no truth,” ask that person, “Is that true?” . . .  He is attempting to deny truth exists  by speaking a truth. He’s blinded.

Atheist: “There are no absolute truths.”  Ask: “Are you absolutely sure? Isn’t that an absolute truth?”

“All truth is relative!”       Ask; Is that a relative truth?

“It’s true for you but not for me!    Reply” Oh sure, ask your bank teller for $100,000 out of your account. When she says, “I’m sorry, you only have 47.16 in our account, say, “Oh, that’s true for you but not for me—-give me the hundred grand!” Do you think you’ll get the money?

Author Turek gives a second example; A man is caught cheating on his wife. How many wives would buy the line: “Oh my cheating is only true for you  but not for me”?

You can’t know truth?       Ask: Then how do you know it’s true that no one can know the truth?”


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