Best Christmas Movie: I’m Not Ready For Christmas

I like this 2015 Hallmark film, I’m Not Ready For Christmas. It’s truly a  modern Pinocchio or Aesop’s Fable. A young, single ad executive, Alicia Witt is addicted to telling fibs, lies and lame excuses. Others see it but to her it is apparently normal behavior. When confronted she cannot swim in the deep end. The final straw is promising to be at her niece’s Christmas concert and does not show. Then her niece makes a wish that her aunt would start telling the truth. She is supernaturally zapped in a strong wind. Now she always blurts out the whole truth with everyone. She cannot hold it in! What a ride!! How insightful. This movie is great, relaxed, clean entertainment from Hallmark. I detected no: immodesty, titillation, excessive drinking, fornication, living together, flesh monkeys, toilet bowl  mouths or undesirable sub-themes. Great for family. Popcorn not included. I wish all Hallmark films were like this one.)

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