Are Some Women In Love With Second-best? Rhinestone Wedding Rings?

Like a Rolls Royce pretending to be a Jeep or truck is the girl trying to be a man. Why the blind spot?

God outdid Himself when He made woman! She has delightful, unique features, form and countenance. Yet some ladies are satisfied. They don’t appreciate their “Rolls Royce-ness.” The enemy has so messed with their minds that they really believe that they can only be fulfilled by squelching their femininity. They like to be referred to as “guys.”  Gentle grace as not as cool as  male traits– toughness, crude language and behavior. Are they being lured away from their strengths? Why be  an artist, musician, gentle mother or teacher when one can be a mud wrestler or often over-matched infantryman, some reason?

Are healthy, female, self-images being hijacked by pipe dreams? Are these just rhinestone wedding rings? Cheap sugar? Sleight-of-hand lies by the devil? Is it truth or lie that a woman cannot be fulfilled unless she competes against men, in male strength tasks? Of course not,  I don’t begrudge the girl who has wanted to be a natural biologist since age 10. My  question would be: is she doing it for her own inner joy or being jerked around by peer pressure, social pressure, anti-family, extreme feminism?  Are stay-at-home wives and mothers second class or super blessed? How wonderful to ‘retire’ at an early age and be privileged not to have to go out to some high stress job! Satan is a thief! He steals blessings.

The ones really paying the freight for this kidnapped self-image are the latch key kids. Instead of Mommy, they are being raised by anti-moral electronic games and worse. Mom has deserted them in search of pixie dust and moonbeams.

This blog post is written by royalty. I am in the royal family. I am a child of the king! Jesus is King. I am His child. That is 4 alarm, big stuff. I don’t  have to chase after worldly play toys to prove myself. I don’t care what the world thinks of me. My agenda is not the their agenda. Eagles don’t envy chickens. A Rolls Royce does not  envy road graders. Break the chains. Be who God made you to be.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer 29,11 NLT).

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