Should We Use Family Drug Intervention Approach With Other Problems?

Families at times need to have a showdown, an intervention with a loved one on drugs or booze. It’s godly, group, peer pressure! “Tom, we all meeting here today because we love you. It hurts us to see you destroying your self and damaging family relationships. It’s time to grow up.  We will no longer directly or indirectly support our habit. No rent or food money, no making excuses to your boss or pretending we don’t see what we see. This is it. We’ve got you a reservation at a faith-based,  Spirit-filled, Christian drug rehab center. God has His love, mentors and godly friends waiting for you.”

I was thinking about also needing family intervention for other long term sin habits that are disrupting the family—gambling habit, anger pattern, domestic violence, lazy, won’t work, financial irresponsibility, immorality and so forth. Would Matthew 18.15ff  have possible application here?

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