Who Is An Overcomer? -Rev 2.26

Who Is An Overcomer? -Rev 2.26

I was asked by a lay minister which I co-labor with about  the importance of Rev 2.26:

“And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:” (Rev 2.26).

This verse is needful to warn against license, cheap grace, hypocrisy and those who just talk the talk. If one’s lifestyle has not changed since his presumed redemption day, he needs to review, rethink that decision.

But the danger of overreaching with this verse is backing into a man-made salvation by my human works. I want to avoid a one-legged theology on this.  If my overcoming saves me, how would I tell at what point I was succeeding or falling short? Is overcoming 56 percent good enough? Or 71 percent?

Losing one’s salvation certainty would cost me the following:

  • the certain knowledge that Jesus died to give me His imputed righteousness! (My will power is not enough! I fail.)
  • Did He  die for ALL my sins or not?
  • lost peace and JOY from knowing that my ticket to heaven has already been ‘punched.’ Full assurance of salvation! Praise God! s  (Jn 6.27; 10.28; 1 Jn 2.25; 5.11-13).
  • I would not  have a solid, convincing salvation testimony for  lost folks if I was not certain I was saved myself! (Mk 16.15; Matt 28.18-20; Ac 26; Lu 19.9; Ac 2.47!)
  • the assurance that I can trust all-knowing God to know the difference between imperfect saints and imperfect lost rebels.
  • The challenge of having to think through these weighty issues. God’s Word challenges us in ways like this.  “God does not make it easy to believe.” –Erwin Lutzer. “New Testament Christianity is not mindless Christianity.” – John R. W. Stott

Does the true believer work for his salvation or out of thankfulness to God for that free gift? (Rom 3.24; 6.23; Tit 3.5).

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