Self-destructive Relationships

There was a man from Lyme

Who married three wives at a time

When asked why the third?

He said one is absurd

And marrying two is a crime

Biblical examples of good marriages are hard to find. Sin has made deep inroads into our psyches and behavior patterns. Elisabeth Elliot (BBN) was addressing a listener’s plight. The listener’s husband was the silent type—not conversing with her. Her inner emotional needs were unmet. I caught the part where Elisabeth mentioned a saying she had on her typewriter. It went similar to this: “If love cannot be given equally, may I be the more loving.”

To insure yourself of a lifetime of misery, be sure to marry some one who promises to change their behavior—Charlie Munger. Famous last words: I’ll change him later. He wants to  quit drinking and start going to church . He even read my salvation tract. He said he would change. Beware wedding isle promises. Address core values,  straight forwardness , moral perspectives, up front. Avoid  self-destructive relationships. Pray for discernment and grace. Loneliness and desperation have driven many into shallowness, heartache. Drink upstream from the herd.

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