Should The Military Draft Women?

Should NBA and NFL teams  draft women? If not, why not? Would that impact a team’s performance? Would it be a good idea for college football teams to have female players?

Sadly, ladies are selling their souls to be like men. I’m glad my wife is not a male-wannabe but a soft, cuddling girl. What’s wrong with men and women being different? I like it. It’s God’s plan.

Women are superior to men is some ways and characteristics. Great. But cannot men have some strengths too? Must we pretend that both are equal in every way? Is that pride? Devil’s lie?

Have worldly influences stolen blessings from many girls, wives and mothers? Have peer pressure, pride, me-first,  anti-male-authority-feminism or low self-esteem pushed many to wannabe men? Why? Is womanhood not enough? Does this lie tell women that they are some how second rate?  Should a girl have to emulate a man to be fulfilled? How twisted. Yet have many fallen for this lie?


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