Few Corpses Think Outside The Box

In a graveyard, few think outside the box. Jesus pushed the Pharisees as a group to move beyond  their tradition, their status quo, their way of operating. They needed group revival, not just personal revival alone. The Pharisees did not need new theology but a deeper grasp of existing theology. Their view of the Messiah was too vanilla, too shallow—not different theology but a different attitude—deeper perspective. Did they have it too cut-and-dried—God-in-a-box?

I like my church’s tradition. We’ve been here for 25 years. Tradition supplies us with truth, support, encouragement—so many things! But has my tradition got all the strengths? No weaknesses? Are those outside my tradition  always wrong and we alone are always right? Can I rebuff 95 percent of the regenerate church and claim to have the mind of Christ? What might we learn from the  strengths of  others?

It has just been reported  that in the 7 recent, state capitol meetings of Franklin Graham, over 800 people have texted that they received Christ at one of them. Someone thought outside the box.

May God shower His best upon you today. May He give us all a new thought, a new way of skinning some cat.


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