Alcoholics Crave The Milk Of The Masses

I grew up with an alcoholic father. His parents would not allow alcohol in their home. Dad surely encountered alcohol in his drinking, college fraternity.  His brothers likewise. My aunt lost her inheritance to drinking.

Alcohol is the milk of the masses — a socially acceptable addiction for many. It’s really a religion; people give regular offerings and worship. Bars are the churches for fellowship and recruiting.

Have you even heard a convincing salvation story by some one in a bar, with alcohol on his breath, a drink in his hand saying, “Have I ever told you how Jesus Christ changed my life?” God has not called me to swap my one Christian testimony for a beer bottle burp and a buzz.

A fellow asked me if one drink was OK? Certainly a drink will not steal a true, born again Christian’s trip to heaven. We are not saved by our human works but by trusting Jesus’ payment for our sins on the cross (Eph 2.8-9; Tit 3.5; Rom 6.23). Drinking can steal the respect that others have for us. Drinking Christians can expect to be called  “hypocrites.”

And, how many drinkers stop after just one drink? Do they take one quick drink and rush back to their church, Bible teaching and godly friends or hang with a worldly crowd? Usually drinking is just one part of a worldly lifestyle.  Deep commitment to godliness loses out. Jesus is not number one.

God gives peace.  (John 15.4-5.)

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