Is College Always My Best Option?

Education Options?:

1. Many high school grads might be better off not to rush into college. There is no prize for finishing first. Work a while and be certain what you want. Older students do better in college.
2. There are already more college graduates out there than there are good, full time jobs. Think outside the box. Drink upstream from the herd.
3. Avoid big debt. It can make one a slave or thief.
4. I’ve had both state university and Bible college. I far prefer the wise teachers of a godly school! For most skills my preference list starts with: Bible school or on-the-job-learning—maybe even an ‘apprenticeship.’ Then community college or consider a technical school. State university is last on my list for several reasons.
5. In Bible school we were challenged to seek a ministry not a career. Find something that no one else is doing and do that. Why stand in line? Where are the biggest needs?
6. If a caring, astute, high school graduate cannot find some need to meet in this hurting, bleeding world, he is not looking very hard.If undecided, do some shadowing.
7. Secular colleges have more false teaching and sin per square foot than any place in the community. As the Prodigal Son (Luke 15.11ff) left his father and went to the far country of sin, so do many students. Secular schools are temptation’s far country—the Devil’s recruiting office. The ‘Church of Atheistic Evolution’ worships there daily. Many, many Christians lose their faith at ungodly universities! Plus they miss out on the wisdom of godly teachers!

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