The Goal Of Christian Politics?

“[F]or too long we have assumed that the church is a means to an end to save America,” he said. “America is important. But the end goal of the gospel is not a Christian America. The end goal of the gospel is redeemed from every tribe and tongue and nation and language….We belong to another kingdom.” – Russell Moore, SBC Public Policy statesman.

“Let’s stop the pity party and instead say, ‘We’re in exile, and this is not the first time God’s people have been in exile.” Ibid.

“Christians are becoming aware that  there’s a large portion of society who would be relieved if all the evangelicals were raptured.” Ibid.

On the one hand I doubt that the most zealous church could stop end times events fixed in concrete. But I also believe that good Christians are involved in their world, seeking justice. I agree with Franklin Graham’s recent comments that we should Pray, Vote and run for local office. Be salt and light. We resist evil as David did fighting Goliath. Maybe God will mercifully give us more years.

Disappointed with the elephant and the donkey? Try the Lion of Judah! – church sign, revised.

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