How Jesus Dealt With A Lost, Religious Man

“speaking the truth in love” (Eph 4.15 NAS). In John 3, a lost, religious man comes to Jesus. He is curious about Jesus ‘signs.’ A few observations and applications:  1. Jesus and Nicodemus appear to be strangers;   2. Jesus promptly diagnoses Nicodemus’ lost condition. He tells him what he is lacking–the Holy Spirit–being born again;  3. Jesus, the most loving person, is also bold in His witnessing;  4. Jesus did not assume he was saved simply because he was religiously active. Diagnosis before treatment; 5. Was Jesus’ mindset–“Nicodemus, your eternal soul is too important. I’m not going to spend our limited time talking about lesser issues. You need to be redeemed”?

There is a way to reach passing strangers today with the Gospel. Long term, friendship evangelism is  not possible, nor necessary,  with every one. I want to have the perspective of Jesus. I want to be flexible and think outside the box.

Jesus planted the seed of salvation with Nicodemus in chapter 3. In John 19.38-40 is evidence that Nicodemus later deeply committed himself to Jesus Christ. Jesus’ focus was salvation. What a role model.

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