Were Adam, Eve And Noah Real People Or Myths?

Some skeptics call early Genesis a myth. This is a serious attack on the trustworthiness of the whole Bible,  Old and New Testaments included. It is a major rejection of God’s power to  maintain His Word over time.  Here are some thoughts to reflect on.

1. Adam is listed in the genealogy of Jesus Christ in Luke 3.38. Will these skeptics be consistent and maintain that all others issuing from Adam’s  alleged “fictional” existence, including Jesus Christ, did not really exist either? How can mythical people produce real beings?

2. Beyond Genesis, Adam is mentioned in nine other books including five in the New Testament (Luke, Rom, 1 Cor, 1 Tim, Jude). Adam is presented as a real person. Nowhere is it inferred that he was a mythical being.

3. Jesus Himself accepted Noah as a real person–Matthew 24.17-18. How could Jesus  deceive us and remain sinless?

4. Noah also is listed in the genealogy of Jesus Christ Himself–Luke 3.36.

5. Noah is mentioned in five New Testament books plus five OT books beyond Genesis. He is presented as a real character. Why would holy God mislead us?

6. “By faith, Noah, being warned by God . . ” (Heb 11.7 NAS).

7. God repeatedly, everywhere maintains other items  including  our sun and moon,  Earth, solar system, law of gravity, hundreds of cosmic parameters essential for life on earth as we know it. Who can give convincing evidence that God is so thoughtless as to create a “manufacturer’s maintenance manual” that has not changed millions of lives  over time?

8. Genesis is the book of beginnings, the root of the tree. Is it logical and reasonable that a   loving, consistent God would want to have a solid, truthful foundation for His followers to stand on? Founders of human organizations typically build it around truthful principles not make believe fairy tales..

9. If a holy God who judged sin in Genesis with a worldwide flood through Noah, really exists, what do skeptics and agnostics need to do today?


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