Does Anti-God Evolution Fail 5 Key Tests?

Lab Test: Turning hydrogen gas or non-personality into personality has not been demonstrated in the laboratory. Avoiding this fact does not remove it.

Logic Test: A visitor in an art gallery sees a painting. The painting itself is enough evidence for the visitor that there had to be an artist to paint it. Make that painting larger and still people assume an artist was necessary for the painting to exist. But make that ‘painting’ as large as the cosmos and evolutionists deny that any artist/creator is needed to ‘paint’ it.

Creation Test: The Big Bang theory says that in the beginning all matter was compressed into a tiny cube which exploded and filled the universe. This theory does not create any matter. Who created that matter? Tilt, game over, Elvis has left the building.

Common Sense Test: Atheistic Evolution believes that out of nothing came everything and everybody. If this is scientific fact it should be reproducible today. It should be an ongoing phenomena, not an anomaly.

Better Life Test: I do not hear stories of how believing in evolution has improved, bettered, enhanced one’s life. Has it brought added hope, joy, peace or despair? Is there a lack of self-worth as one is viewed as a meaningless accident of molecules bumping into each other? – after Ravi Zacharias

“I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands have stretched out the heavens, and all their hosts I have commanded.” (Isaiah 45.12)(Rom 1.18-20; Job 38-41; Jn 1.1-3).

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