Diagnosing Atheism

-more from Ravi Zacharias, A Shattered Visage – The Real Face of Atheism:

“The turning of hydrogen into thinking and purposive beings is scientifically undemonstrated and philosophically devoid of merit.” p. 39

“If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take his place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner.” -Malcolm Muggeridge.

“What the intellectual has completed missed is that morality is not abstract or contrived.” p. 54. [Morality and ethics are more than optional extras on a car. They are the brakes and steering wheel. Like driving on bad tires is making laws violating biblical principles. Something is going to happen and it won’t be good.]

“Atheism walks with its head down, earthbound, which is why it grasps nothing of eternal value. It must admit its predicament: without God there is no meaning in life.” p. 89

“Having killed God, the atheist is left with no reason for being, no morality to espouse, no meaning to life, and no hope beyond the grave. . . Those who do not have hope, in an effort to drown their despair turn to drugs or alcohol or other experiments that they think will break this stranglehold of futility.” . p. 102

“The atheist, recognizing no law of his own being other than survival, finds himself a constant slave of the moment [feelings]. He walks down a slippery slope into further bondage [sin traps] and self-defacement, finally to become a number, imprisoned by the self-gratifying desires of his fellowman.” p. 150

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