Worship Needs Both Emotion & Bible Truth

[Jonathan] “Edwards [his 1744 ordination sermon just quoted] was utterly convinced on the crucial importance of powerful affections in worship . . . There must be heat in the heart and light in the mind . . . Christian Hedonism [aka seeking God’s best pleasures] is passionately opposed to all attempts to drive a wedge between deep thought and deep feeling. It rejects the common notion that profound reflection dries up fervent affection. It resists the assumption that intense emotion thrives only in the absence of coherent doctrine.” – John Piper, Desiring God, p. 80-81.

We down home folk may simply say, that worship is not a spectator sport. When Jesus died for us He had skin in the game. Should I? I want to thank Him by worshiping from head to toe. Can pride, peer pressure, social pressure or church tradition get in the way? “Soul awake, you cupcake!”

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