Should Christian Teachers Offer Non-biblical Options Or Just Give The ‘Correct’ Answer? Explain Evolution’s Arguments Or Just Offer Creationism?



Should Christian schooling offer students all options or just a single approved one? Should students be trusted to consider all possibilities and come up with the right one themselves? Should instructors trust the Holy Spirit to guide, convict of sin and impart truth?

A Christian student recently told me of having gone through a Christian high school without being told of secular views of key issues. Then when he got to a secular school he was confronted with “new” alternatives. This should not be. Now he is left to resolve the matter without his Christian teachers and support group. He almost lost his faith! Was he short-changed in his Christian school?

More attention to Christian apologetics is needed. Let’s declare the whole truth. We have two Gospels, the stars and cosmos proclaim eternal truth round the clock and God’s Word which announces God’s Son and the way of salvation. (Rom 1.18-20; Job chpt 38 to 41).

As Creator God has established eternal reality we are on the side of truth, including true science. We need not fear presenting lesser and false options. Absolutely examine them from stem to stern. Point out their appeal and flaws. Do not be like King Saul hiding in the stuff, escaping bugbears, operating below his calling (1 Sam 10.22-24).

To avoid secular and also other views within Christ’s Body implies : (A) that there are no active options out there to consider; (B) it sets them up to be ambushed at secular colleges and lose their faith because it is out of touch with “reality;” (C) we don’t trust you to figure this out for yourself; (D) low view of Holy Spirit’s guidance and grace; (E) don’t learn to think just regurgitate predigested facts.

After offering students diverse positions that cause them to grapple with issues more deeply, eternal truth may be relished. I am definitely not suggesting that a Christian teacher remain neutral! Just present all sides in their strongest light. We need not hide from error. Truth is stronger so why not present all sides? Prepare high schoolers for atheistic professors.

Christians rightly oppose the common public school format of excluding much biblical input. The opposing side gets most of the time. So should we be guilty of offering one-sided presentations?

However, when debating with a non believer, the goal is not long philosophical argument. Get them into the Word if they are seeking truth. I have not found apologetics to be a substitute for saving truth e.g, the Roman Road.

“He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him” (Prov 18.13).

“He that is first in his own case seemeth just; but his neighbor cometh and searcheth him.” (Prov 18.17).

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