The Power Of Silence




Is there power in  silence? Power in remaining quiet?  The power of zero? Zippo.

1 Peter 3.1ff tells the godly wife to win her unsaved husband by her behavior while remaining silent. No nagging or preaching to him at all. Wow.

“that they may be won by the behavior of their wives as they observe your chaste and respectful behavior.” (1 Ptr. 3.1d,2 NAS).

I recall the powerful testimony that the little servant girl of Naaman’s wife must have had. So when she did speak they believed and acted dramatically on her words alone! (2 Kings 5.1ff).

I got to thinking that if this works for the wife at home it should also work with such power elsewhere –like at work. Our lives should speak volumes. Godly living radiates power!

I think it was David Eldridge who wrote about letting others feel God’s power inside you! Let that power out be it in word or deed. In a wicked world the contrast between light and darkness is clear.

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